Pests are plants, animals, insects, germs or other unwanted organisms that interfere with human activity.

They can, however, destroy crops, damage property or hinder our lives, if efficient and timely pest control has not been achieved.

This website has no recommendations. But, we have to shed some light on the path to pest control.

Determine if the problem is something you can address or if you need the help of a professional.

This is the type of person who is dedicated to immersion, investigate his plague, explore the most effective control options and feel well prepared to face things for himself.

Or maybe you feel like you’ve lost your mind, you do not have time to learn about your plague or you can not access the tools you need to do the job right.

Whether you have this or actually need a professional, there are also resources available to you, for pest control pest control

Pest Control

Pest Control

The control of pests is the regulation of the management of a species, as a member of the animal kingdom that has an adverse impact on human activities and property.

The human response depends on the importance of physical harm, and tolerance, through deterrence and management, to attempts to eradicate the plague completely.

Pest control measures can be carried out as part of an integrated pest management strategy.


Pest Control Companies

Insect and rodent pests transmit diseases, cause property damage, irritate allergies and cause other harm to people.

However, there are many companies that are experts in the treatment of infestations and pest control.

Pest control professionals can identify the types of pests that plague a property.

Then, they can release an unwanted animal space and help property owners take preventive measures to ensure that homes and businesses do not become infested again.


Terminix, with more than 85 years of professional experience, offers more than just termite removal services. They present complete pest control techniques that include isolation services to prevent invasions.

Orkin Pest Control

Orkin offers pest control services throughout the country, investigating the active levels of pests per season to change the repellents according to the activity. They also offer both residential and commercial services.

Fumigation  Companies

the reference organizations for the control of plagues have more than 30 years in the world and local market according to their location.

Pest Control


It is a leading company in pest control services to companies and individuals in Spain and Latin America. has great experience in the sector, true pest control pest specialists, has the best solution for any type of pest.


Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen International, is one of the fastest growing companies in Pest Control, with a presence in 66 countries.

Truly Nolen is the company specializing in pest control worldwide, has high-tech methods with specialized technicians for greater benefit.


Pest Control Services

Hiring a professional pest control service can have several benefits when compared to controlling pests such as rodents, spiders or termites on your own. These companies have trained technicians who understand where to treat and how to handle infestations. If you are l

Your home is your castle, and protecting it from invaders means having the best protection. When you send the pest control cavalry to recover your home, they establish plans that are specific to your needs. They take into consideration the size of your home, the level of infestation and long-term prevention.

You also have the option to perform previous treatments on new constructions, perimeter treatments to keep insects at bay and emergency services to treat hives and nests. The exterminators will continue to monitor your home, showing you the exact treatment areas and all the improvements.ooking to protect a new house or treat an older one, consider the advantages of a pest control service.


Pest Control Prices

A single service for mice control costs $145 and includes a two-week follow-up appointment, the national average price for termite treatment is $1,535. The national average cost for interior and exterior pest treatment is $145 and $214, respectively.

Remove rodents € 120
Bird control 350 €
Furmigar garden € 80
Pest control certificate 200 €


Types of Pests

Learn to identify common pests; understand their biology, diet and habits; And find out what you can do to control them.

They are specifically seen in 5 groups:

  • Insects
  • Mites
  • Rodents
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Types of Pests

Within the types of pests we can find the following well-defined group of Moelish pests.

Ants, bees and wasps

Wasps, bees and ants (collectively known as hymenopods) are one of the largest orders of insects. There are more than 130,000 species described and many others remain. It is still unknown how many species exist in the Maltese islands

Pest Control Acaro


Bedbugs are small, elusive organisms and parasites, all belonging to a family of insects called Cimicidae. They live strictly by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals (like other mammals and birds). The bed bug name.


This insect order, scientifically known as Blattaria, consists of around 4,000 species worldwide, of which 30 are associated with human habitats and around 4 species are well known as pests. Although all over the world these insects have a bad reputation



The Flea is the common name for insects of the order Siphonaptera, which are wingless insects with mouthparts adapted to pierce the skin and suck the blood. Fleas are external parasites, which live on the blood of mammals (including humans) and birds.


The true flies are insects, scientifically known as Diptera which means two winged species. This large group is made up of around 120,000 species throughout the world, but it is believed that more than the same amount is not yet described.


Myriapoda is a group (subphylum) of arthropods (which also includes insects, arachnids and crustaceans) that contain millipedes, centipedes and others. The group has 13,000 known species, all terrestrial


A local level, the only bird species that are usually seen agricultural pests and the following three: the Spanish sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis), generally considered a pest in the fields, gather in large quantities for trade.


Rodentia is an order of mammals also known as rodents, characterized by two incisors in continuous growth (front teeth), two in the upper and lower jaws, respectively, which must be kept short by gnawing. This is the origin of the name



Molluscs are a category of invertebrates (organisms without spine) that have a soft body and a shell. The shell can be internal or external. Mollusks come in various shapes and sizes

If there is a high level of humidity in your home, then one of your residents should be a tank-shaped creature that is commonly known as the woodlouse. Woodlice are terrestrial cousins ​​of familiar coastal and marine crustaceans

Lovers of wood

The term refers to any insect that in some way or another, in one of its stages of life, attacks live or dead wood.

Non-objective species

Unfortunately, there are many other wildlife species that are not pests, most of which are beneficial, but because of their appearance, habits and association with superstitious beliefs, they are considered pests.


Integrated pest management
Pest control for bed bugs

Pest control for cockroaches

Pest control for termites

Pest control for ants

Pest control for rodents

Pest control for flies

Pest control for mosquitoes

Flea pest control

Pest control for spiders

Pest control for ticks

Pest control for beetles

Pest control for midge

Pest control for Silverfish

Pest control for earwig

Pest control for puncturing pests

Pest control for bed bugs

Millipede pest control

Pest control for weevils

Pest control for fruit flies

Pest control for mites


What are pests

A pest is any animal or plant that has a detrimental effect on humans, their food or their living conditions. Pests include animals that:

they carry microorganisms and parasites that cause diseases, for example, mosquitoes that transmit the Ross River virus and encephalitis of the Murray Valley.

They attack and eat vegetables and cereals, for example, caterpillars and grasshoppers.
Damage to stored food. For example, rats and mice can eat grain in silos, rice or crackers in stores and homes and food with their feces (excrement) and urine.

They attack and eat farm and seasonal animals. For example, wild dogs (dingoes) kill or mutilate many sheep and goats each year; foxes will kill poultry, lambs and many native wildlife species; and wild cats also take advantage of native wildlife.

They damage the clothes. Silverfish, for example, eat holes in clothes.
Damage buildings. For example, termites can cause considerable damage to wood in buildings.

Biting people For example, bed bugs are very difficult and expensive to control. Their bites can cause great irritation in bites and, like mosquito bites, they can become infected if they are scraped.

There are miles of different types of pests that are harmful to humans. The vast majority of these types of insects.

In addition to the sun, the beach, the bikini and the army of insects in summer! As soon as the weather gets warmer, the worms will begin to torment, and most likely these pests will appear in the home, which is frightening and annoying.

This article ranks several common household pests and illustrations in the United States, Spain and China, and shares several home deworming products and DIY deworming methods to help get rid of worms, spiders, bugs, and other worms, and to calm your home!


How to Remove Ants

«Even if there are no sweets to seduce, as long as the weather is hot, the ants will attack your home from unknown caves.» This is definitely a problem that 99.99% of the partners have found, including small holes in the corners, doors and windows.

With slots and even plugs, the ants can successfully occupy the site without any holes. The ants do not cause any loss or infectious disease. Except for fire ants, most ants do not sting people, but when the number is large, it will make people feel itchy and disgusting.

The best way to fight it is to find the anthill and treat it with an incapacitating agent. Or use insecticide bait to induce it to feed and carry it back to the nest. Do not forget to sprinkle on the door, around the house, window frames, etc. Granules and powders can also be used.


Also the super common house worms, the eight long legs and the knot net, are more likely to appear in dark corners or in the corners of the roof.

Even though spiders are not harmful to all people, but the appearance of spider is also likely to mean that you have another life of the family insect, after all, it is the spider webs to capture other worms as food When it is the day of your home network, that means that your home is your big store of food!

What are the Acaros

Bed mites are aphids that feed on the blood of mammals (and, therefore, of humans). They are small and hidden, usually at night, and transmit a variety of diseases.

After being bitten, it will appear red and itchy, and will not go away in a few days. Mattresses are the most common hiding place in bed mattresses, and there are also traces of cracks in ceilings, floors, walls, etc. The mattress has a strong parasitic capacity and fastening, and can be attached to suitcases, travel bags, clothes, shoes, etc.

It is extremely vital and is also immune to common insecticides. In general, it is destroyed by artificial capture, boiling water, exposure to the sun at high temperatures or strong chemicals. If the mattress is hit by a bed bug, it is basically impossible to escape from the fate of direct discarding.


Dust Mites

The family’s most direct allergen, dust mites, are about 200 microns very small, mostly hidden in mattresses, bedding, pillows, rugs and the main body of the human body outside dandruff.

The mattress is the place where dust mites accumulate the most in the house because the mattress is warm and humid and is full of food sources. Under normal circumstances, each mattress in the house contains approximately millions of dust mites. Three weeks after the mother-in-law lays eggs, the eggs can break. Because they grow fast, the unprotected mattress will have an amazing amount of mattresses.

Dust In addition to keeping the environment ventilated and clean, the most effective way to prevent allergies is to block body contact with dust mites, while protecting the mattress from hygiene and reducing the growth of mites and other bacteria.


The cockroach is the legendary natural master of survival, the super dining no demanding, any environment is alive, and then the small space is also compressed, and therefore, the oldest surviving insects in the world.

The cockroach is 150 million years before the dinosaurs and 300 million years before the humans. The oldest fossils date back to the 325 million years of Carboniferous in the AC, and the various fossils of insects of that period have been Extinction, with some exceptions.


There is an error in the home where pets should pay special attention. In addition to causing skin problems in pets, fleas can also spread to people. Blood is your food, it will be very spicy after being bitten, and there is a risk of disease transmission.



The body is less than 1 cm flat and slender and smooth, with two long tails behind the tail, and the silvery white scales on the body give it the name of Sliverfish. The fish live in dark and humid places, such as cupboards, shelves, stores, curtains, books, etc., and they eat items containing starch or chewing gum, so they eat paper, clothes, bread, etc.


Termites is a home murderer. Every time the wet and warm season are termites. Termites are a pest that is destructive to wood. Wood fiber is its staple food and is commonly found in the depths of moist soil.

However, most American homes are made of wood, so if they are not managed on time, the structure of the house is likely to be hidden. Termites like to have a humid environment, so it is essential to avoid water leaks and keep them dry.

Subterranean termites

As the name implies, the intrusion method starts from the ground and the wood along the road is chewed from the base one by one. The route that crosses will produce evident tubes in strip form, reason why it is easier to find it. They can be seen in the basement or near the foundations, even on the walls of the house.

Wood Termites

They fly to higher areas to commit crimes, so their wings or feces will fall near their meeting place, such as window frames, door frames, etc., so they can find them by observing their droppings.

Kill Termites

Fumigation: if there are termites of dry wood in the house, it is generally used to smoke the whole house with a tent like the one you see often. Owners and pets must move out of the house. The staff will inject the Vikane gas, which is harmful to all living beings, so pests and animals such as termites will be eliminated.

Termites Control

Termites are one of the five main pests in the world. The dangers are shocking. Due to the great damage of termites and the ability to reproduce at high speed, the houses with wooden structures collapse, the old trees are broken, the important materials are damaged and the furniture of high quality wood is destroyed, causing a great damage and irreparable damage to the normal life of people.
Below we show you some ways to control termites

Pour white vinegar on the ground to kill the termites. The method of removing ants at high temperatures is suitable for controlling termites filled with sand. Termites filled with sand die at high temperatures above 60 ° C for several hours.

Ecological prevention method

1. Selection of tree species resistant to natural termites

2. Elimination of termite breeding sites

3. Use of wood preservative agent 2. The biological control method mainly uses natural enemies of termites. For example, certain bacteria, fungi, viruses and protists or their metabolites prevent termites. Third,

the physical and mechanical control method

1. Excavation method

2. The trap method

3. The hot slaughter method

4. The sand grain barrier

5. The biophysical method uses a microwave and current treatment High frequency to kill termites. The main method for controlling termites mainly uses stomach poisons, contact agents and fumigants to achieve the purpose of preventing termites by a specific method of application.



Vikane is a gas that does not adhere to objects inside the house. It is ventilated for approximately 24 hours to completely remove the gas from the house. Before returning to the house, the staff will first test Vikane’s concentration in all parts of the house to ensure safety.
Drip: the common way to deal with subterranean termites is to pour the medication. When you process it, you must make a hole around the house and pour it inside so that termites can not crouch in the wood.

Flying ants and termites are often stupid, but the threat of the two is very different! Although flying ants are very annoying, they basically do not damage the house. In contrast, termites pose a great threat to the structure of the house. The two are not equal in the wings, the antennas in the head and the structure of the body (above). Learn to identify and then prescribe the correct medication.

Basic principles of deworming

Timely aspiration and early play at home, especially rugs, is the best hiding place for eggs. Clean indoor trash cans and uneaten foods every day, and reduce water and weeds in the yard. These are the best sources of food and the best environment for insects. So, do not neglect the chain reaction caused by small insects: for example, water will accumulate mosquitoes and mosquitoes will attract spiders to prey.

Seal the space between the walls of the doors and windows.

Completely block the invasion route of the enemy: screen holes, wall joints, etc., provided there is a hole for the hole to be replaced, the ventilation cover of the house foundation should also ensure that it is not broken.

Extermination method

The fastest way is to find pest control to kill the insects. If it is a regular monthly insecticide, it will be approximately $ 20 to $ 50 per month (several). But if you want to save some money, the following methods and tools for removing insects can help you a lot.


Perimeter ready to use and indoor insecticide, can effectively kill hundreds of pests such as cockroaches, ants and spiders, and can be used indoors and outdoors. My personal experience is that, instead of saying that it is «deworming», I think it looks more like a «deworming» smelling. It is sprayed regularly around the house to prevent ants and other insects from invading the house. There is a variety of nozzle selection and supplement packages, not bad! (But it is effective to spray regularly

Diatomaceous earth

It is a whitish powder. It is made of diatom fossils deposited at the bottom of the lake or on the seabed. The water absorption of DE is extremely strong. Therefore, when insects come into contact with DE dust, they will die soon due to dehydration. Insects like bugs and scorpions have effects. Rest assured that DE is harmless to humans and animals. In addition to directly spraying the DE powder onto the crawling insect, the powder can be sprayed with water and sprayed with a spray bottle. After the water evaporates, the ED adheres to the surface. (Patients allergic to dust should be used with caution.For outdoor use, keep in mind that rainwater can be washed)

Bait Ants

These killer bait stations for Terro Liquid ants are excellent with bait ants for borax! Cut the bait in a small mouth and put it on the road where the ants usually go. In a short time there will be many ants hooked. After about 1-2 days, when they bring the bait to the nest, they can remove the annoying ants from the roots. Question (If putting the use indoors, remember to apply outdoors on the first lap medication, or it will be blocked)


Insecticide spray

Spray is an insecticide that I often use for emergency treatments. Works well and sprays spiders or other insects

This special Terro Spider KillerSpray insecticide specific for spiders is also good, even black widows and other poisonous spiders can kill. It can also be used to sneeze, ants, scorpions and other common insects.

Cockroaches Bait Gel

The first-sale Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait from Amazon is very effective, as long as the medication is in the corner or the cockroach disappears often, it can eliminate


If you accidentally catch a flea, you should use it regularly. For example, the evaluation of this Advantage II is very good. It can be used as a preventive method. If it is dyed, it can also be used for treatment. The eggs can also be eliminated. Press cats and dogs with age.


This ecological defense can be sprayed directly on the bed of the insecticide of the bed with natural organic ingredients, high security, the evaluation of the user is also very good. Of course, if you really have bedbugs, you should also use hot water to wash all the linen sheets.

Bed Bugs Eliminating

If you find a bed bug in your hotel or restaurant, it is recommended to change rooms or check-out. If you are in your own home, here are some ways to eliminate bed bugs naturally.

Diatomaceous earth (DE, diatomaceous earth): is a nontoxic, edible white powder that is easy to order online and is cheap. The diatomaceous earth dust will stick to the bug, and the silica fragments will destroy the exoskeleton of the bug and cause the death of the bug.

Essential oils: Tea trees, oregano and manuka oil can help bedbugs to escape. This type of essential oil can be sprayed on the bed, which is an effective product to prevent bed bugs and is also applied to the affected part of bed bugs.

Pyrethrum: Extracted from the flowers of the dry safflower and the pyrethrum of white flowers, it has special effects on bed bugs, but it is harmless to humans and animals.

Beauveria bassiana: this is a fungus that grows in the soil and is harmless to humans and animals, but kills bugs. You can buy sprays or powders containing Beauveria bassiana.



Many people often spray insecticides to eliminate mosquitoes, which is a common method to eliminate pests. Everyone knows that after using the pesticide, they can not enter the room immediately. How long does the insecticide take to enter the room? Let’s take a look.

How long does the insecticide take to enter the room?
It does not matter if it is an indoor insecticide or an outdoor insecticide, no one can approach it after spraying the medication, since the drug residue can disperse after approximately 6 hours.

Recommendation: If you are office workers can do indoor insecticide with insecticides, after working in it resided before work in the morning, and if it is the best option for morning insecticide outdoors, because this time the flow is lower.

Why can not I enter immediately after spraying the insecticide?

The insecticides are usually foggy. Slowly, it combines with the floating matter in the air during the volatilization spray process, it will not dissipate for long. At this time, if people breathe inside, they inhale the air that contains insecticide, which is very unfavorable to the body. Do not enter immediately after spraying the insecticide.

Why are insects ruined after spraying the insecticide?

After spraying the insecticide, the molecular particles of the pesticide will float in the air in the room and the pests will come into contact with the insecticide through the air. After the insecticide slowly enters the central nervous system of the pest, the pest will begin to be aroused suddenly and the emotion will disperse and be chaotic. After the excitement, the medicine will begin to work. Shortly after spraying the insecticide, the insects began to die.

Use precautions of insecticide sprays.

1. Flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, should be sprayed in the air at a 45-degree angle.

2, in addition to the correct operation, after spraying the spray, it is better to leave the room, close the door and window for half an hour, and then enter the room to open the window and ventilate.

3, the family has babies and small children, do not allow them to come in contact with pesticides so as not to damage the body.

4. Be careful when using pesticides in the kitchen. Collect food and dishes before spraying.

5. If you accidentally spray the liquid on your skin, clean it in time.


Pay attention to cleaning after spraying insecticides, especially families with children in the family should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness, children like to walk, it is easy to get the residual pesticide, so the day of spraying the pesticide To carry out the hygiene treatment of the home.